When to Repair & When to Replace

My youngest son Jaylen has a teddy bear named Cody that he loves and cherishes so much. Cody was a Valentine's Day gift to him from 3 years ago and ever since Cody's debut, he has slept with him ever single night. Jaylen even takes Cody along to other's house when he sleeps over. Poor Cody has been through it all. From getting dirty to being injured with what I'd like to call a broken neck and a stab in between his right arm and chest. Today, I decided to perform surgery on Cody to make him well again.

While stuffing Cody, Jaylen walked in my room and instantly began to lament over the fact that he felt I was damaging Cody further. I had to calm and reassure Jaylen that once I was done with "Repairing"Cody... He would be so much better. Jaylen seemed to be uneasy about Cody's emergency surgery as he looked at the larger hole but he trusted me to do just as I said I would. About 45 minutes later, I Re-presented Cody to Jaylen and he was so elated. He said he felt like Cody was better than before and that he absolutely loved the overall restoration and upgrade (new bowtie accessory added) of Cody! This made my heart happy!

After witnessing the smiles and joy my son now had at his favorite teddy bear being preserved and repaired, I couldn't help but see the correlation to the work and hands of God. I began to go deeper into my spiritual and mental consciousness of understanding the difference between repairing and replacing things/people in our lives.

Two profound definitions I found for Repair was : "1. To restore to a good or sound condition after damage or decay; to mend 2. to restore or renew by any process of making good; strengthening.

One profound definition I found for Replace was : "To provide a substitute or equivalent in place of."

A revelation and understanding that I gained for a great comparison of the two is that with one (Repair), we are desiring to hold on to and the other (Replace), we are desiring to let go. One seems to be Invaluable while the other holds a lesser value. Breaking down the difference in the two has taken me to the position of seeing this comparison from all sides as well as God's view. In fact, this forces me to face one of my deepest pains and truths of losing my brother Rico who was absolutely and without a doubt Invaluable to me. While my brother and I never really had a huge or detrimental fall-out, I recall a time where we disagreed about a matter that I had magnified out of a place of my personal perspective and pain. While I had spoken to and FaceTime'd him right before he passed, I realized that I wanted to Repair our sense of unity and understanding of one another yet did not seize the time or chance to before he departed. Though I have several male friends and associates that I have a brother/sister relationship with... My heart and soul feels there is no Replacement to him.

You see, we often discover ourselves trying to replace things and people with other things and people and learn the harsh lesson that some things and people are not replaceable, as some things and people cannot hold the capacity and purpose of what it is that we try to assign specific roles and functions to. Much like attempting to replace things or people, we often see that not all things are able to be repaired. Some things or relationships wind up completely damaged and broken whether intentional or unintentional. It is my conviction and belief that Repairs have to be examined and ordered by the spirit of God through purpose and destiny. I also believe that in the case of damages and brokenness, forgiveness is very critical when dealing with humankind but some people and relationships are meant to be outgrown and severed. It is in these special cases that we must allow God to add to or replace the space and roles of that which no longer remains.

Throughout my teen and adult years, I have had friendships and relationships that endured and suffered fall-outs, repairs, severing, and replacing. Now as an experienced adult, I have learned to trust in God's purpose and timing regarding all areas and facets of my life. I have learned that God is a God of balance and complete intention. He never leaves us empty or barren in the areas of need and He would never position us for loss but rather gain. Many of us see people leaving our lives as a loss and sometimes it truly may be (as is in the case of my deceased brother) but I have learned that something or someone exiting my life leaves space for something different, more, or greater. I have also taken hold of understanding how to properly align values to the things and people in my life that are Irreplaceable and essential.

Perhaps you have some reflecting and inventory to do and have had your heart hard-pressed on repairing a broken relationship with a child, a parent, a partner, sibling, or friend. If the spirit and revelation of God is urging you to mend the relationship by way of effort... please do so. There is a purpose in God aligning and connecting you with your valued one. If by chance you find yourself trying to replace something or someone... it is vitally important that you consider the condition of your heart and intentions. Sometimes we try to replace things or people out of selfishness, fear, being ungrateful, ignorance, being lonely etc. yet we fail to align ourselves with the truth and understanding that sometimes the more we try to fill the room of our heart and lives with things and people... We leave very little to no room for God. Therefore if we leave no room for God... do we have space and capacity for His blessings?

I implore you dear brothers and sisters to be careful, mindful, and intentional with what you value as well as discern when to repair and when to replace things and people in your life. We do not always get second chances as tomorrow is not promised to us.

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘