What Are We Here For?

Hello, World of Wonderful People!

It has been a great desire of mine to start a blog for years now (4 If I am actually counting :) LOL). With the recent yet overwhelming killings and tragedies that have not only stung our black community but has plagued this nation we call America, I have been urged spiritually and compelled to use my life, testimony, voice and efforts to be a healing conduit for those whose life paths would cross or encounter mine. My soul purpose and intent to blog, vlog, or speak at and in any capacity is to simply create a safe space and bridge for those that feel dejected, unseen, unheard, misunderstood or plainly devalued. I intelligibly and purely want to talk about what hurts us, destroys us, hinders us, and what oppresses us (as black and brown humans) in the ways of blocking us as a race and community from building and living the lives of our dreams... What blocks us from liberty, equality, success, and more.

My prayer and great hope is that each person that feels a nudge in their heart, mind, or spirit to join me in building this safe space (I like to call it Our Sanctuary) and bridge be open not only to using their tools and knowledge or experience, but lend a hand to others that are willing to build as well. I want us to build wealth, health, freedom, unity, peace and love together.

We Rise By Lifting Others Up!! We are Better Together!!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey be joyous and beautiful!

God Bless 😘