Victory From Our Vote

I would like to first say to those of you that waited for a publishing release on last week and did not get one, that I apologize. My heart has never and will never aim to abandon or disappoint God nor any of you. I was extremely occupied with a personal crisis that happened on last Saturday as I was also fasting and praying for our nation...This place we call home and the United States of America. Oh but God.......

God is always ever-present, ever-powerful, ever-faithful and ever-reigning not just in the hearts of those that believe in Him and trust Him but in the Earth and Universe. Speaking of Him being ever faithful... I couldn't help but to cry tears of joy and praise for the Victory gained for those of us whom voted for the Biden-Harris presidential candidates during this presidential election. I don't know about you all but I was extremely fearful and filled with anxiety about the election. I had seen, heard and felt all that my heart could handle of all the racial, social and economical injustices. I had had enough of seeing black men, women and children die at the hands of racist. I had had enough of witnessing evil spirits and their participants inflict innocent people. I had had enough of hearing the cries of my ancestors from the seas, slave plantations, and their graves. Their cries aren't soothing to hear but are rather devastating and painful to ingest. They are crying out from their own injustices and pain experienced and even crying from their spiritual witnessing of what we continue to go through.

Throughout the past few months, I have witnessed many people say that they were not going to vote because they had no belief in either party. And many of those who chose not to vote, they also felt that Biden-Harris were two lesser evils to Trump with them basing that judgement on the political past of Biden-Harris and some of their records. As for me and my house... We voted and so did my close friends and family. I voted out of faith and the hope of what could be done to restore the lives and future of many Americans. Had I and majority others chose to not vote to let our voices and the voices of our future generations be heard through the casting of our vote, we would not have garnered the intense sense of hope that many of us have received in the announcement of whom our 46th President of The United States will be beginning in January 2021.

There is a Victory in our right and the casting of our votes. The victory ultimately belongs to God but is our inheritance by way of our faith and the covenant God made with his children and believers. When I was crying out to God and in prayer, my mind and heart took me to the biblical passage and stories of how the Children of Israel thought that they needed a king because other nations had a king so they cried out to God and prayed for Him to give them a king not realizing that the Sovereign God himself was their King. When the Lord God rewarded them with the king of their prayers, it was a terrible king with a terrible and callused heart. Imagine the Lord turning His back on us and choosing to allow us to remain in this country under the Presidential leadership of a leader who's heart remained far away from God... Far from any concern for the injustices in this country... Far from any care for those who's lives have been at stake during this pandemic... Far from healing and uniting our country and further dividing it. With so many of us turning our backs against God and the faith we had, what if God had chosen to close his ears to our prayers and cries? What if he has chosen to abandon us as we had Him? What if Trump had won the presidential race again? How many more black and brown lives would we have lost at the hands of white supremist and racist? How many more of us whom have worked hard to get ahead only to get knocked down back into debt and poverty? How many more of us would have lost our homes, businesses, jobs and healthcare benefits? Yes these are so many what if's but just ask yourself what if and allow your faith to build and not decrease. Despite our errors and past, God still chooses to love us, show us mercy and bless us. His heart and desire is still set on giving us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

So the next time an election is coming and made whether it be local or presidential... know that your voice and your vote matters. While God is Sovereign and all powerful, He gives us power spiritually and naturally. In the matters of our natural and physical nature, they will come by way of laws, ordinances, political choices and personal choices. Your victory is within but all victory is from above!

Hallelujah 🙌🏽 and praises to God 🙌🏽for the Biden-Harris 2020 Victory! God knew what We the People of the United States needed in this political race yet and still I pray that we all know and understand that we will NEVER need a new or old president more that we will ever need God!

Prayer: Lord you gave YOUR PEOPLE victory but I pray that we continue to walk in VICTORY with you and within this world every day of our lives. We understand that even the heart of the president's are under your care and in your hands so WE, YOUR PEOPLE pray for all leaders and our leaders and we ask that you Lead us first to CHRIST, second to THE CROSS, third to the KINGDOM and last to THE PROMISE. This WE pray in the blood and name of CHRIST our Lord... the atonement for our sins and THE ANOINTED ONE. Amen!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘