Trauma, Transparency, Truth & Healing

A few weeks ago, I discussed and published a blog “For Better or For Bitter.”

I would like to piggy back there just a little because I am spiritually and physically seeing a trend in our world where many people are navigating through life suffering silently at the avoidance and unacknowledged trauma that they may have experienced and endured.

Trauma is defined as an emotional wound resulting from a shocking event or events witnessed or experienced that was processed as a life threatening and/or critically frightening experience that may cause lasting negative effects on a person, disrupting the path of healthy physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. Examples of trauma include abuse (physical, sexual, emotional or verbal), witnessing violence, death, physical injuries or illnesses, profound changes in family structures and more.

Many of us have had or have a close relationship with individuals whom have experienced one or more of the above listed examples of trauma. I myself, have witnessed and experienced several events that effected me mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically. Many of those events happened during my childhood causing severe scarring and fears to cover me and without being transparent and truthful enough to acknowledge those events, I would have never been able to walk the path that I am on to my healing and wholeness which is why I am being led to discuss this topic.

Over the past few weeks, I have been on a consecration and have been working through my own traumas by way of prayer and therapy. As a mentor and life coach to others, I find it extremely and critically important that I lead by example but also be healthy in my own mind, body and soul. (Yes, one of your favorite counselors have counselors !😝) Many of my close family members, close friends and clients are having to maneuver through life’s journey dealing with trauma of their own as well. And with me seeing and processing all that I hear and observe, I am noticing a huge trend within our community and culture that reveals that the mass of us have unacknowledged and unhealed traumas that we are needing to be freed from. How do you get there you may ask? By being transparent and truthful about your life experiences but first you will need to be able to have and identify a person or people that you trust your life and emotional safety with. This person may be a parent, sibling, friend, counselor, partner, pastor, mentor, coworker etc. This person will need to be sensitive and respectful to your mental and emotional conditions and will need to be able to allow you to fully express your pain even if it is hurtful to hear and process. They need to understand that the pain of them listening is no greater than the pain you felt experiencing the trauma and also the pain you feel re-living it.

There is proof and beauty in being able to have great “Mirrors” as my brother Toure` would say. A great mirror is someone that you can stand in front of and see yourself in. The healthy and healed you. A great mirror is one or more of those people we just journeyed through the understanding of emotional safety. You need to know that your healing matters and the only way that you can get through your trauma is by being transparent with yourself and others about the events that scarred you straight into the survival mode of doing everything that you could to protect yourself even when that meant building a wall that closed you in on yourself. You must be able to be transparent about the effects those events had on you and your life… the relationships and/or lack thereof from them. You must be able to be transparent with yourself and others about your needs and desires and trust that God will give you or connect you directly to people that can help you fulfill those needs. Your transparency will accompany and position you in Truth and your ability to walk in it. And when you are able to walk in YOUR Truth positively... Healing will be YOURS to have in whole and there will be no ceiling or limit on your ability to build and have the life you want and deserve.

I end this life lesson by compelling you by my prayers and faith in who you truly are and all that God had planned for you when He thought of you (Jeremiah 29:11) in your mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:5) to find your safe space and person and identify the trauma in your life. Describe how it impacted you and outline how you would like to eradicate the barriers and fears that your trauma created so that you can be healed and freed from your past to walk forward into your future.

Know that what you are hiding is hurting you. Know that God wants to heal you but God cannot heal what you hide. Your trauma was experienced in the past but it is not meant to be lived all your life and for the rest of your life. Be Transparent with yourself and those necessary… Walk in your Truth so that it leads you to Healing.

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘


Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord, My Abba Father…

I come to you with a humbled and completely surrendered heart to pray for my brothers and sisters all over the Earth who have endured such painful experiences that have left them traumatized and in many ways paralyzed by fears and wounds that run so deeply that they do not know what to do to bring an end their pain or light to their dark places. But by the life, power, resurrection and blood of Christ Jesus, The anointed one… they are healed and free. Help them Lord God to see that there is beauty in their brokenness because just as you are attracted to praise and worship, you are attracted to those broken in the spirit. Help them to see that their pain can lead them to their purpose. Help them to understand that you will never allow the pain of their past to outweigh your glorious and victorious plans for their future. Lord God I am asking and declaring by my faith they they walk in their truth which will lead them to Your truth which is Christ. And as they walk in Your truth they shall be healed and whole like never before. Lord if you don’t do it then it cannot be done but God, according to your word you said that you would never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:5, Hebrews 13:5) and you also said that you would work everything out for the good of them whom love the Lord God and whom are called according to your purpose (Romans 8:28) so we seal this prayer knowing that your word shall not return to you void (Isaiah 55:11) therefore the healing, wholeness and freedom is granted and done in Christ name… Amen 🙏