There Is Strength in Sisterhood

Being the eldest child and daughter on both sides, I did not have the chance to have a big sister. Only God knows how much I have been blessed to be both my father and mother's first born child and daughter but geesh... The struggle of being a trailblazer and example is a tremendous weight to carry. Growing up, my grandmother took on a mother like role to me because my mom worked so much and was so young when she had me so my aunts were somewhat like big sisters to me and my uncle was like the big brother of my dreams.

It wasn't until this very moment as I write this that it came to me why I always desired and wished I had a bigger/older sibling and it is because of the enormous pressure placed on me being the eldest child and grandchild. I remember getting into a ton of trouble when I was younger and it was not always because I had failed at something or did something wrong. It was often because of the mistakes my siblings made yet I was blamed for because "I was the oldest and was supposed to show them the way." Because of this great responsibility and pressure, I grew up being afraid to make mistakes as well as to make decisions. It always felt like I would wind up suffering some form of negative consequence either way. As a result, I have often been very indecisive and afraid to make moves.

But God... Through God's divine blessings and orchestration, I have a great and growing community of sisters who pour into my heart and life by uplifting and encouraging me. Through and because of my sisterhood with them, I am stronger and sharper mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In days and a culture like the ones we are in now, we often see and are subject to judgment, jealousy, envy, slander, and more... it seems difficult and rare to have other women cheer you on and speak life into you at no cost or gain to them.

My sisterhood is comprised of my biological sisters, my God sisters, my best friend, childhood and high school friends, coworkers, and my spiritual sisters in Christ and Christianity (There are so many). I value each of them equally, I honor each of them equally, I respect each of them equally, and I love each of them equally. They are all very similar yet they each come from different backgrounds and upbringings and each of them add different values and layers to my life.

Just as I am writing this blog, my sister Sharon is pouring into my life and heart by sharing a very impactful and effective message of faith with me. Also, as I write this blog, a younger sister in Christ from my Belong group reached out to me for advice. Out of the love and honor I have for each of my sisters... I am pouring into her life understanding that together we are stronger, we are wiser, we are whole, and we are full.

As I bring this blog to a close, God is urging me to close my eyes and to think back on the girl who searched for and desired a community of sisters. As my eyes were closed, all I saw and felt was love and unity surrounding me by my army of sisters. In them I find strength, love, encouragement, wisdom, and support. In me, they can find a sanctuary and safe place to come whether it is to cry or to laugh, to praise or to pray, to listen or be heard, to mourn or share joy, etc. I tell my sisters all the time that I am my sister and my sister is me! And I try to remind them that they need me no more than I need them! My hope and faith is that each of us from this point in life and living forward, are able to build and find community through unity with others whether male or female. After all, God created us to build and have relationships with Him and with one another.

May our lessons be plenty and our journeys be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘


Father God, I thank you for life, for liberty, for love, and for hope. I thank you for each and every sister that you have blessed me with and I thank you for the fruit of their life, their hearts, their faith, and their wombs. It is through you and because of you that we each have crossed paths and are crossing over into your promised land together. Lord, I pray for each of my sisters and I pray that You continue to build them up in the suit of your wholeness, that You will quiet their mind and souls in the noise of the world so that they can hear and follow your word, and that You will be the light burning within them in their darkness. I speak and come against all forms of evil and principalities that would have them to hear or believe that they are not worthy of life or your blessings. Father God, in you there is no emptiness, no lack, no lie, and no failure. Your word says that you would continue to perfect those things concerning us. You also said in your word that you would never leave us or forsake us and we trust you and we trust your word. Lord God, we pray that you would continue to lead and guide us by our faith and not our fears. We pray that you will get all that you placed inside of us out of us for your glory. Use us Lord and help us to see that we are not meant to be anything in this world but a witness and a conduit of your love and your goodness. Please help us to see and understand that we are not meant to save the world nor be overwhelmed by trying to do anything on our own (For you accomplished it all on your own for us). You simply desire for us to Be... to be in You, to be with You, and to Be with one another. We belong to You Lord and we belong together so may your spirit of love and unity rest, rule, and abide in us all the days of our lives. In Jesus name, Amen!