The Spirit, Presence & Power of Love

We hear the word Love on a daily rather it is spoken loosely or with great thought and care. For those of us who call ourselves Christians and bare that name, we see the word Love mentioned throughout the Bible over 300 times. Despite the prevalence, desires and need for us to feel, see and experience Love, many of us are falling short in giving and expressing Love to others. Could it be that we do not know what Love is? Could it be that we did not grow up seeing and feeling Love be expressed to us?

Growing up in my household and family, I was shown and showered with Love from my family but sometimes the Love was cut tough and sharp. There were times the Love was warm and then there were times the Love was cold or scorching hot (Unawareness of Learned Behaviors). Though there were times as a child I would think to myself “This cannot be Love. Love should not hurt,” I grew to understand that though my family and I were faithful church attenders… we were not living or experiencing Love as God would have us to (Unawareness of Generational Strongholds).

The Bible explains and tells us of all the things Love is and Love is not (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). We also learn from the Bible that Love is ultimately God in spirit and in action (1 John 4). God is Love and Love is from God, therefore any of us that believe in and know God to be our Higher being and creator should dare to withhold Love in any way whether that be physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.

A few months ago, I was reflecting over my life and actions and was in meditation with God. The question came to my mind “Are you walking in Love?” My answer was truthful but also hurtful as I answered to myself “I try to walk in love.” The next question was “Are you doing so at all times?” My answer again was honest yet hurtful as I answered to myself “Not everyday, not at all times.” It was in that moment that it dawned on me that those questions were from God and He needed me to see myself the way He saw me (So full of Love and potential), yet I was falling short in my Love walk because I had allowed the pain of my past and my lack of trust to outweigh my actions of giving Love freely and allowing others to experience the Love of God through me. It was in that very moment and place that I learned how to fully surrender my pain to God so that I could walk in complete freedom and be more open to Love.

You see a fact about me is that I give in full measures. I do not know how to fractionalize my heart and Love. I either have and give it all or I give none at all. And because I Love in full measures, I often set full expectations for others and desire to have the measure of full Love to return to me. Here is where I and others fail because of the expectations we set instead of allowing our hearts to receive the measurements and expectations of God above our own or man’s own. Now that I know and understand more and more who Love comes from and the measures of how it flows, I now know how to allow the Love of God to flow through me and to others without my measurements and expectations.

There is the truth that we all search for and desire to see Love, feel Love, and to experience Love in its fullest filling and beauty. The problem we all have and face is in how to communicate those needs and desires to others. I have learned how to make known my desires and/or requirements to those within my personal and sacred space but even when people are not able to fully give or meet the need, I accept them as they are and where they are. For there is a lesson for them as well as me when we are faced with the inability or unawareness in meeting the needs of Love.

Love is something that God requires us to receive, give, live and walk in. Love is not about seeing color, sex, religion, political party, social status etc. Love is about understanding unity and equality and the need to meeting them. Love is about meeting the needs of those less fortunate. Love is about forgiveness. Love is about choosing to rise when everyone else has fallen so that you could lift them to where you stand. Love is God… Love is You… Love is Me… Love is our Present time… Love is our Future… Love is this Season and every season to follow. Love is what you owe because Love stretched Himself on a cross for Humanity whether humanity sees and believes in Him or not. Love is us waking up each day… Love is you breathing right now while you read this.

I dare you to walk in Love… To see and breathe Love… To give Love...

I double dare you to be the Love that God uses to fill someone else’s life and heart. (1 John 4:11-12 says “If God so loved us, we also ought to Love one another. If we love one another, God abides is us and his love is perfected in us.)

May our lessons be plenty and our journey’s be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘