The Spirit of Expectancy: Miracles Are Still Happening

Since Sunday, I have been hearing the word “Miracles”. While having a heart to heart conversation with my Daddy, God spoke to my heart and spirit “Get back to expecting miracles, they are still happening because I AM still performing them!”

I couldn’t help but to feel excited yet humbled by the words of God to my heart because they were words that He ministered not only to my heart but were words He wanted me to share with my Daddy regarding his future and dreams. Speaking of miracles… I often feel I am a living miracle when I think of all the things God has spared, preserved, and protected me from. I have been run over by a car when I was a toddler, hit by a car when I was a teenager, preserved from the dangers of driving while under the influence, preserved and spared from Meningitis claiming my life 6 years ago, preserved and spared from HIV/Aids and more yet I am still here. For all of those things I am deeply grateful in ways that only God knows. I also know and am well aware that I am still here on this Earth because of God’s will and calling for my life.

I know that during these times it may be extremely difficult for us to see God or feel His blessings and presence with all of the sickness, death and lack that surrounds us but there are indeed miracles still happening everyday. Miracles are all around us and within us. I am experiencing many of them in my personal and family life right now as we speak. Remember how earlier I mentioned that my Dad and I were having a heart to heart conversation on Sunday?.. We did not just have a heart to heart conversation but were able to sit across from one another face to face which has only happened in my adult life about a handful of times. You see my Dad and Mom had a very complicated and short-lived relationship before and directly after I was born and their relationship pulled down their pressure and pain onto me and as a result, I did not grow up with the guidance, love, values and nurturing of my Daddy the way my heart wanted and needed. I knew in my heart and spirit that he loved me but because of his fractures and generational strongholds, he did not know how to be the father I needed in the times I needed. He and I had what I called a “Disappearing Acts” relationship where he would drop and pop in whenever he made the time and efforts. It wasn’t until his mother passed that we drew closer yet still at a distance somewhat. Ironically yet gratefully, my Dad called me on the same day I was made aware that I tested positive for Covid-19 and he had the tone of concern and urgency. He was asking me how I was and wanted to know what all was going on with me and I vented about all the things I had been enduring up to that moment. From that moment to now, he has been there and has shown up in ways I didn’t quite understand because at 34, I felt I no longer needed him the way I once did. His Sunday’s presence, present, and affirmation proved me to be extremely wrong. Before leaving, he made sure to tell me how happy and proud I had made him. As he was speaking his heart, I couldn’t help but see the hurt, guilt and tears he was fighting when he said to me “You have been a better daughter to me than I have been a father to you”. Oh how my heart broke in that moment though it was breaking to heal itself. That in itself is a miracle! My dad coming to me even in this age and time is a miracle! Being able to now receive what my heart cried out for for several years is a miracle! So to you I say… Have a spirit of expectancy no matter what is happening around you. Have a spirit of expectancy no matter what is happening within you. Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, when we need it, where we need it, as well as the Who we need it with or from.

We are all living miracles! We are experiencing miracles! And yes they are happening everyday! Have faith even if it is only the size of a mustard seed.

May our lessons be plenty and our journeys be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘