The God Exchange

Science tells us that the most important organ in our body is our brain because of its function and ability to be the body's core control center. Spiritually however, I would like to propose that the heart is the most essential organ. After all, when an expecting mother first discovers that she has conceived and is expecting a child... the doctor's check and look first for the heartbeat and not the brain. As the heart forms and begins to beat before the brain forms. Also, there are several scriptures that remind us that it is the heart of man that the Lord searches. Proverbs 4:23 NLT urges us to "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." Jeremiah 17:10 NLT states "But I, The Lord, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards according to what their actions deserve."

When I think about the heart, it instantly takes me to the place of visualizing the principle that none of us are visibly able to see the hearts of others unless their chest cavity is open or under the scope of an ultrasound or X-ray. In either of those scenarios, the person whose heart is the subject is in need of some sort of urgent and/or critical care. Only God or a medical expert/ professional would know how to examine and provide the critical care needed to the persons heart. The greatest of all though, is that of the two only God whom is the creator, knows fully well what the conditions and character of one's heart is. Doctors physically judge the health conditions of the heart but God judges the content, character, and conditions of the heart both spiritually and physically.

Yesterday was the day we believers (Christians or Christ followers) declare as Good Friday as we revere and remember what Christ did for all of humanity as he hung on a cross after suffering severely from being beaten, whipped, pierced, nailed, spat on and more. While in my sacred moment of worship and meditation, I could not help but think on how a day that was so taunting and terrible for him could I ever see any good in. While I am so completely humbled and grateful for him sacrificing his life for me... my heart breaks each time I envision and remember his experience before death. This helps me to hone in on the value and volume of God's heart being He sacrificed and gave up His beloved and only son (John 3:16) in exchange to cleanse and purify us of the charge of our sins which would have been an eternal death. I also could not help but to lament over how evil and dark the hearts of many are in this world as we continue to witness senseless murders, hate crimes, social and political unrest, racial and social injustices and more.

I often wonder what measure of healing would it take for all of humankind to love one another and to live peacefully amongst one another. If I am being honest... I do not think that day would ever be witnessed by me or my children here on Earth.

Over the course of the past 5 weeks, my pastors, spiritual mentors, and others have all been in divine alignment as they have been teaching and counseling me and others on the principles of giving. Giving is all about the heart but not only is giving a heart-matter... Giving is a God-matter. Since the beginning of life and creation God not only creates but He gives. He gave us Life. He gave us light. He gave us stars. He gave us water. He gave us land. He gave our ancestors promises connected to a covenant in which we reap benefits from. God is literally and ultimately THE BIGGEST GIVER EVER! And He proved it when He gave the life of His son for us. When God did that, that was not something easy to do because none of us could or would give our children over to a physical death easily. When God gave up Christ to death for us... That was His way of saying "Here is my heart... despite how much it hurts to rip it from my chest... I give it to you in love and with the hope that you accept my heart in exchange for yours. My heart is clean and pure. My heart has no sin in it. My heart has no evil in it. Nevertheless, I am willing to exchange my pure heart for your sinful, evil, impure, deceitful, selfish, malicious, perverse, jealous, envious, prideful, adulterous, slanderous, covetous, and reckless heart."

The things that God requires or asks of us are so minute in comparison to what we ask for and expect from Him. Does it make sense to ask for and expect so much from Him if we are not willing to accept His heart and love which cost us no money? We seek abundance but all He seeks is obedience. We seek His hands and blessings on our lives but refuse to give Him access to our hearts. He doesn't desire to take it and trample with it or tear it down but rather heal and renew it.

Today I leave with you the simple question of "Are you willing to part with your heart in exchange for the heart of God?"

If you desire to live and lead a blessed life, you must understand that God can only bless what He has an invitation to.

May our lessons be plenty and our journeys be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘