The Gift of Your Presence

Since the loss of my dear and beloved brother Rico, my heart has become more sensitive and emotional when it comes to those that I love and care about. Sometimes it is the mere thought of knowing that I failed to speak the words "I Love You" to my brother from being so caught up in what was happening in my surrounding that day that has aided me in understanding the power of being present.

Anyone that knows me know that my heart is absolutely for God, on the other hand, it is also with my people. I cannot count the many times I have heard the phrase "There is no time like the present," with this in mind, I bare the truth and responsibility in seizing the present time to be present with God, with my children, and with all my loved ones.

Over the past few weeks, I have come to the comprehension and realization that the Covid-19 pandemic reinforced my home-body nature and has kept me home and away from much of human civilization aside from work. Don't get me wrong when I say that I love being in the comfort of my home because I truly do. However, there are times where my presence is needed and required outside of my home. A few weeks ago, my children's dad put them in a basketball camp at a gym and a huge part of me was a bit reluctant for them to be around other children not knowing what form of exposure they and their families have had with the Covid-19 virus. Nevertheless, I bared in mind that my children needed to regain confidence and hope in what life still had to offer them as well as for them to regain a sense of community and social acclimation.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a close relative hosted a graduation party at her home for her son and yet again my mind went to the place of "What if..." and "I wonder how many people..." but then my heart felt a conviction in supporting the graduate. Love and honor are two extreme values that I hold in my heart and I am always convicted regarding my love walk because I believe that Love is an action and display and not just a word. For me words are empty and void if there is no visual substance attached or proven. John 3:16 teaches and displays to us that "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son!" The term gave is not merely a verbal essence but is a physical essence and proves the measure of God's love. Much like God, we should be willing to prove and display the depth of the love that we have for our loved ones and I believe that we are able to do so by giving the gift of our presence.

While I was at my cousins home a couple of weeks ago, I was able to see and connect with so many of my cousins, aunts, and uncle and that brought a joy to my heart. Two of my youngest cousins whom are toddlers wanted me to play makeup with them and dress them in lipstick like me. That memory and moment was so precious to me and I understand that I would not have that memory had I not chosen to show up and be present. Last week, I took my children out of town for a weekend getaway and they were so excited and had so much fun. In my default parent mode, I stood by and took watch and guard over them to take photos but then I heard them both say "Mom, come into the water with us." I am very happy to have heard them say that because it was in that moment that I was reminded that I was so busy trying to capture the moment and not live in the moment with them. Needless to say, I retired my photo capturing and engaged in having fun with them.

This weekend, I am currently in Atlanta, GA with three of my closest friends simply to be present and to understand that we all have been a gift to one another's life yet, there are times in our lives where making sacrifices and shifting schedules are necessary so that we are able to continue with our gift exchange of time and being present.

A little over two years ago, After losing my brother, I declared that I would not lose another loved one failing to display my love and honor for them. I know that my brother knew that he was loved and honored by me but I could have shown it better. Consequently, I committed myself to being more present with my loved ones by ensuring that they not only hear me tell them that I love them, honor them, and are grateful for them, but to simply show them.

Life and time here on this Earth are great gifs that God gives to each of us. What we do with that time and the gifts God give us... Are our gifts back to Him. We were created to have relationships and build communities with one another and to build those beings... We have to be present. It can all start with a dream but the dream has to be realized by putting forth effort and manifestation.

The gift of your presence is not only desired but is required!

Now go out and be the best gift giver you know by showing your loved ones that you love them!!!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘