Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

2020 has been a year for us all as we have had to face several difficult paths, circumstances and decisions. Most of us have had to make hard decisions regarding our family and livelihoods as well as have endured a tremendously heavy load of emotional, mental and physical stress. With the Thanksgiving holiday being a few days away and this year coming to a close very soon… I have been re-focusing and re-aligning my mind, heart and spirit to choose and see the light in it all.

I wouldn’t dare live a lie by telling you all that this year has been easy or stress-free for me because it has been the complete opposite. As a mother and single-parent, I have had to show up to work each day and be present and in support of my company while my children suffered educationally and emotionally as this pandemic hit. Each day that I would prepare and proceed to work, they would say “Mom we really wish you could be home with us like every other kids’ parents.” While this made my heart warm at the sentiment and desire they had, it also broke my heart because I wanted to choose them over work however, Mama has to work to provide and ensure that we are well and sheltered. I mean I was really torn each day and was going through so many emotions at work because what felt like everyone else… I wanted to be with my family just as my direct supervisor and other company personnel. I complained in my mind, in my heart and even out of my mouth several days because I was tired and I was feeling so undervalued, overwhelmed and fed up. All I could think and still think to this very moment is that my family needs my presence.

I have had many moments and days of crying out to God. I have felt completely fractured and like a failure but I knew that I could not faint in my faith and spirit. I had chosen to be more intentional about my energy, my time, my thoughts and my gifts because I couldn’t help but think about my visions and dreams. I couldn’t help but think about the woman and mother I wanted to be… needed to be. And through alot of those dark and difficult paths I had to take and the circumstances I had endured, I had to understand that I was still alive and standing for a purpose.

Not only did purpose awaken me but I was awakened to seeing the power and presence of unity and support from family and friends even as they too were enduring the storms and turbulence of this year. I would like to believe that my family and friends are witnessing growth and strength in me just as I am being blessed to see them evolve. If we are aware and open enough to see God, time and life from the higher and deeper perspective… we will see that there is still life beyond the many numbers of death around us. We will see that God is still sustaining and providing for His people who are still alive and with purpose. We will see that this pandemic has forged many dreamers to awake from their sleep and launch businesses and use their hidden gifts. If we look higher and deeper, we will also see the power of change that we together have knitted by way of our voices and votes.

Though we corporately acknowledge and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday… we should be careful to honor our lives and those connected to ours as well The Creator by showing thanksgiving in our hearts. We have come this far by faith, prayers, perseverance, unity, love and more because there is purpose in every day, every season, every year and event good or bad. Yes we have lost loved ones, have gained debt, lost employment or incomes, gained or lost weight, got with a new partner or broke up with an old one, closed a business or started one, and more. BUT that’s the thing guys… There is so much more! Your best days are before you and not behind you! But if you choose to complain, be ungrateful and take your life which is already so fragile for granted… You will end up continuously being a spectator of blessings and miracles instead of be a subjected person of favor and blessings.

What will you claim? That you are the head or the tail… That you are above or beneath… That you are defeated or victorious… That you are prosperous or poor… That you shall die and not live… That your life means nothing or that your life means everything.

We are meant to be thankful in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18) and not to be thankful for all things (Being thankful and grateful to God for who He is and not what he does). I don’t know about you but I am SO VERY THANKFUL, INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL, AND UNBELIEVABLY BLESSED!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

And yes that was a shout! You should try it too!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey’s be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘