Self Love: The Gift You Owe Yourself

Throughout today's culture and customs, we see so many people place higher values and emphasis on receiving romantic and familial love from others. We place price tags on our hearts, our desires, our lives and on love. Sadly and most critically... we see ourselves and others look for love in all places but within. Why is that I wonder? Do we only think of fulfillment and our ability to be fulfilled to be graced by the actions and presence of others only?

I hear and see the phrase "Self Love is The Best Love" on a daily basis however, it was not until a few years ago that I had come to settle a harsh truth which was that I had not been giving myself the love that I was giving to others. I had found myself drained, hopeless and insufficient in love and in my values. It was almost as if I had made several withdrawals in my love bank but made no deposits and had gone into overdraft. Oh what a price to pay and the feeling of shame I had! In that insufficiency and place of depletion... I had to find myself going back to my Heavenly Father broken and in tears yet humbled by His presence and grace. I just could not understand for the life of me how was it possible that someone who had such a big heart... such a loving heart... could be hurt and treated so terribly by those I loved and honored. It was in that vulnerable and broken place that I could hear my Father tell me "I am closing the account from which you have overdraft and become insufficient and I will open an account for you that you will have an overflow of deposits. From and on my account... You will never lack, never be insufficient, or lose value, or love. My love for you is unwavering and eternal. My grace for you is sufficient and as long as you remain in me... this account can never be closed, blocked or depleted. For there is no end to my love and my great hope for you is that you allow me to refine and realign you. To cleanse, restore and purify your heart so that you can see yourself the way I see you. To love yourself through the extension in which I love you. My daughter... in me there is no emptiness or end to my love. Let me love you. I have always and will always love you."

Imagine being in what felt like the lowest place of your life yet you've now just received your greatest lift and elevation spiritually and emotionally. This was me and this was the day I began to Love God more and Love myself more. This was the day I got into my mirror and spoke life and love into myself. This day was only a couple of years ago yet it feels just like it was yesterday. You see that is the thing about Self Love. To give yourself Love... you must care for and nourish your mind, heart and soul. And this will be an everyday and forever journey but so worth the work. You may wonder why it is that I am speaking on Self Love just a day short of Valentines Day but let me both add to and clear your question.

While we are always at war within what we feel, see, and have faith in... we are witnessing a lot within the universe both pleasant and painful. We see people love on and lift up others each day through social media just as we see people hate on and tear others down. It is time however, that we search within ourselves to gift ourselves with what is owed to us by our own selves and that is Self Love. You see when you are not able to love yourself... every ounce of love you give is automatically fractured because it is not coming from a place of wholeness. Only when we love ourselves can we fully love others and God. Even though you may share your heart and life with someone each day... you can still have an insufficiency in the value and volume in which you love. The only way you can receive the Love your heart desires is that you pay or present yourself with the gift owed to you... Self Love.

As the old saying goes "If you don't love yourself... How in the world can you expect others to love you?" I would also like to add the question "What is stopping you from loving yourself?" After all, your form of expression and illustrations of self love teaches others how to love you.

Don't you dare let Valentines Day hype you up or flip you upside down. Love happens everyday and is an ever-ready and past-due gift that you can give yourself. I pray that you make the beautiful choice to show yourself and grow in Self Love. After all, it is The Best Love you could ever give yourself.

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God Bless 😘