Refocus, Realign, Redirect & Rededicate

In our lives, we will oftentimes find ourselves in the mental, physical or spiritual planes of stagnancy and/or being counter-productive. It is my belief that this happens when our focus and dedication are on things and people not aligned with our purpose. If you have found yourself feeling like you are in or have been on a constant journey to nowhere, know that I have been there as well so no guilt or shame... we are of the same.

I have shared many stories and personal truths with you all through this blog about how spiritually intuitive and attune I am with my creator God as well as Christ and his Holy Spirit so with that said, He does not allow me to remain stagnant or counter-productive. In fact, over the past 5 years, I discovered and have been highly humbled by the developing and depth that I have been able to experience and attain in and through God. Despite my growth and elevation in God spiritually, I in my carnal being have struggled with a few courses of learning and decisions that I have made. Most of those lessons were passed but I have one to two lessons that I had run in circles and cycles until the day I decided to refocus, realign, redirect and rededicate myself.

The term Focus is defined as 1.a central point as of attraction, attention or activity. 10. to direct one's attention or efforts.

The term Align is defined as 3. to bring into cooperation or agreement, (Realign: to change or put back to a new or former place or position).

The term Direct is defined as 1. to manage or guide by advice, helpful information, instruction etc, 4. to give authoritative instructions to, command, order or ordain, 6. to guide, tell, or show a person the way to a place.

The term Dedicate is defined as 1. to set apart and consecrate to a deity or to a sacred purpose, 2. to devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose.

The term Re is a root word that means "Again or Back".

Now that we have defined and gotten the understanding of those terms out of the way, I wanted to discuss briefly the mindset and perspective of Re. I think that I can speak for most people in the matters of how quickly our minds can and often go to a negative place when we hear the root word Re. When we hear Re anything we already feel energy leave us as we think "Oh no, you mean to tell me that I have Re-do (You can fill in the ____blank)" Personally, I strongly dislike having to restate something, rework something, rewrite something, and the list goes on and on. But when it comes to me needing to Refocus, Realign, Redirect, and Rededicate myself... I do not feel drained or hopeless because I know that my purpose and God's will for my life is hinged upon my submission and willingness to return back or do again what is necessary (Only with God).

Many of you may ask or wonder... how is it that I know that I am needing to refocus, realign, redirect and rededicate myself? You would not be wrong to ask and I would not hesitate to answer even though I could answer "Because it's my business! (In my Mrs. Tabitha Brown voice)". My answer for the question would be that it's a spiritual and God-thing but is also the thing that I know in my heart is needed because I have been busy trying to stay busy for me but have not been busy enough in or for God. Sometimes I feel there is not enough time in the day for me to do all that I need. Sometimes I am overwhelmed mentally which then drains me of my energy physically. I am now grateful to say that I have been blessed with "God-energy" as well as the wisdom in learning to balance myself and my time responsibly. I did not say that I have mastered my balance of time yet but I am learning 😇.

In this past year, I have also learned to allow my heart and ears to become more and more sensitive to the voice and nature of God. In doing this, it became clear to me that my focus was on my problems more than the promises and word of God. My alignment was so obscured because I was in agreement with God's purpose for me but had not been in complete cooperation (I had been getting in my own way as well as God's). I was moving forward in direction but did not always follow the guide given to me by God (I would often sightsee and go off course until seeing it led to a dead-end road). I was dedicated towards building a life for me and my children but I was not building The Kingdom of God as intended (my heart had selfish moments and I made decisions that would prove to be costly to The Kingdom versus me gain more equity in and for The Kingdom of God).

So now you can see what I meant about my Re-doing and why I needed to Re-do it. Maybe you have some Re-doing whatever that may be and look like for you. God placed it on my heart and wanted me to encourage you to sit and Re-think your life. Think about those things you need to Re-do. Maybe for you its Re-defining your goals, Re-building your home and family, Re-directing your time and energy to the things and people that bring you peace and joy. I think that it is critical that you know and understand that while we are taught to never look back and always move forward, when it comes to Re-doing anything with God, that backwards move will always take you Forward!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God Bless 😘