Process, Preparation, and The Promise

Each of us either know or have come to the harsh understanding that in this life we will endure many adversities or as the Bible call it “Troubles” (Job 14:1). These moments will happen to each of us despite the societal status or class we are born into or raised up in. I personally have gone through most of my life feeling cursed because many people in my family were never afforded any heads up or advantages. We all had to work hard, study hard and pray hard. It wasn’t until I got older and became an adult that I realized that it wasn’t just me that felt cursed being considered a Have Not but this had happened to many people I knew. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder what life would be like for me had my parents stayed together and raised me together? I wonder what life for me and my family would have been like had someone in our earlier generations leave behind a legacy of wealth and wisdom?” It comforted me to know that my father and mother had too felt the same way. Both of my parents grew up being raised mostly by a single mother and then I was raised by my mother as a single parent and now here I am and currently (I had to be sure to say that because I know God has an incredible King coming and looking for me 😂😇) raising my two sons as a single parent. So if you look here at the chain or generational stronghold as we spiritual beings call it, there seems to be some level of significance or cycle here that needs review and refining. And while I vow to break the chains, curses and cycles of my family’s generational strongholds, I understand that I will have to undergo major processes and preparation first.

I realized at 32 when I lost my beloved brother that I was undergoing an extreme degree and depth of processes. From divorce to grief, from grief to trying to cope, and from coping to trying to simply breathe without feeling so condensed. My process then was utterly painful but I continued to try and submit to God because the truth was that I felt like I was dying and needed help. When I turned 33 I remember feeling an ultimate sense of awareness of where I was and where I was needing to go and so I began to make more room and way for my evolution. During my processing, I often felt pressed on, more sensitive spiritually and emotionally, and weary. I remember crying out in prayer many days for relief, strength and peace and often God would give me a little all while telling me that He needed more from me.

A little before my 34th birthday, I had an ethereal experience with God where He was showing me myself in my current state but had offered me a slight glimpse of my future. This was His promise to me that He would get me there but He also helped me to see that I was still in my processing stage. He reaffirmed me that without my processing, I would not be prepared for the promise He has for me and because He really desires to give me my heart’s desire, I needed to take hold that my processing and preparations were not in vain but would help build my character as well as my reach in ministry and with my family. While I can tell you guys that I cannot wait to live that promise, I had an epiphany this week that confirmed that I was on the right path but had some distractions and attachments that I needed to loose myself of. Needless to say to you guys... I completely surrendered it all 3 nights ago and have felt so much peace and joy within feeling that God is not only with me but within me therefore I cannot and do not want to fail (Psalms 46:5). While I am far from perfect and so filled with flaws, I submit to my creator to refine and redefine me so that all I am is all He has willed.

You too will have processing and preparations to undergo before you are able to see the fruition and realization of your visions, goals and dreams. I truly believe that God is eager to bless us all with a promise of some sort but to get there we must embrace the Process and the Preparations before we can receive and enjoy The Promise of God.

May our lessons be plenty and our journeys be joyous and beautiful! God Bless 😘