Leaping into 2021, I am Manifesting My Best Life

By the Grace and Mercy of God... we have been blessed with breath of life, purpose and activity of our mortal flesh to see the first day of a new year. This day and moment was written in God's book of life and is no mistake.

While many of our family, friends, coworkers, classmates, peers and fellow man did not make the wake up list this morning nor was able to welcome and see the year of 2020 come to close as the door to 2021 opened... we did and we ought to be beyond grateful. Today, tomorrow and the days after, my heart's aim and desire is to continue encouraging and uplifting others to live their Best Life by living on Full, Fire and Purpose. Whatever it is that your heart desires most... you have the ability to manifest by believing and speaking it into existence.

God's word gives us proof and explains that we were made in God's image and are the perfect product of his creation! In fact we are His hand-crafted masterpieces. With all of that being said... the Bible also outlines and allows us to see the journey of His creation as He called things into its being (Light, Water, Mankind, The Universe and more) etc. If we are of Him and share in some of His character and abilities... It means that we too have the ability to call things into its being (Manifesting).

I don't know about you all but I will be "Living My Best Life" by any and all means necessary!


I will live on Purpose for God's purpose!

I will be completely intentional with my time, talents, gift, energy and presence with myself and others!

What will you be manifesting?

Will you leap out of 2021 carrying the same fears, failures and faults as your previous life and days?

I pray that you do as I am and manifest your best life.

I pray that in viewing my short video, you feel inspired and get a good wind of that God energy and stay with it!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless kisses 😘