Good Season, Great Grief

Many of us are able to look or feel around without having to go far to reach someone who is experiencing great grief in this good holiday season. We have come to see and grasp how difficult this season and time is for many to navigate joyfully or in complete positive energy due to their lives being struct and shattered from the loss of loved ones. Even if a loved one has been deceased for 20 years or 2 years… some of us find it hard to fight back our grief and emotional storms during what is typically a joyful season.

I know people who have just lost their matriarch or a child right before the holidays approached therefore, I could only imagine the levels and degree of their grief during this time. This past Thursday which was Thanksgiving Day, I chose to cook dinner for my family in typical fashion and tradition despite how painful it has been for me to get through the holidays without my brother Rico whom always showed up to our home for Thanksgiving. While at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, I expressed and shared with my mom, sister, cousin and our children that Rico had visited me in a dream just a day earlier. It is my belief that he did so to soothe and ease my heart. Since his passing, I have had several dreams (visitations) with him. Most of them were during extremely turbulent times where I really needed his or God’s consolation. My brother used to be one of my Go-To’s so not having him here alive is still very painful for me. Though I have incredible friends who are always willing to listen or be present for support, there has still been a void (hole) in my life because my brother was irreplaceable and without a doubt my MVP. We talked about everything and often shared dreams and consulted with one another before making huge decisions. He was always very proud of me as I was of him.

Losing a loved one can be by far one of the most excruciating pains we could ever endure in this lifetime. For some families, they suffer loss after loss leaving them with an insurmountable degree of grief. This is why I believe that it is extremely important for us to honor and cherish our lives and the lives of those we love while we are all breathing. Too often in this life we take life and people for granted until they are gone forever. We fight, hold grudges, harbor unforgiveness and far worse… condemn others for things that are so minuscule and or/misunderstood. Then when the loss of a life occurs… here comes guilt and shame which are not healthy for the mind or soul and are also not of God.

During this season and place in our lives, we are in need of a greater sense of humanity and empathy. We need to become more aware of our own pain and the pain of others so that we are able to unite and heal. And while I do not place time constraints and limits on grief or healing.. I understand the importance of us getting through it all.

During this season… be more aware… be more present… be sensitive to the needs of others… be mindful… be hopeful… be loving… be gentle… be kind…

Be a light. Be love. Be peace. Be grace. Be Mercy. Be comfort. Be joy. Be like God. Our humanity depends on it. Somebody’s healing depends on it.

In the great and ever so wise words of a great heir and king Ermias Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle)… “We don’t get to possess people, we can only experience them”.

I pray that our experiences increase in love, joy, understanding and unity. I pray that we honor those we have lost as well as honor those that are still here with our hearts and our presence.


Abba Father, we your children are needing you. Our lives and hearts are so fragile and fractured from living, loving, growing and loss that we sometimes struggle to see your hand and face as we journey through this life on Earth. We ask that you forgive us for our sins as well as forgive us for placing greater value in the things of this world over the value of your heart and presence in our lives. Father we are hurting and need healing of our hearts and a renewal of our minds. We need you to help us see ourselves and others the way you see us by way of grace and mercy. Help us to have and extend that same grace and mercy to others as you have to us. Help us to put an end to those things that hinder us from living for you and your will as we submit and surrender our will to you. Lord, we have experienced great love with our loved ones and now experience a great grief from the loss of many of our loved ones. Help us to get through this pain and grief with a triumphant expectation of your joy and salvation by way of faith. Lord you are our hearts and you are our lives so we ask that you equip and fill us with the power to live for you and to love others through you from this day forward. In the mighty and matchless name of your son Christ Jesus we pray… Amen 🙏

May our lessons be plenty and our journey’s be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘