Celebrate Life & Others But Celebrate YOU Too!

Over the past couple of days, I have been so consumed with gifting buying and planning a celebration of life to honor my Grandmother as she turns 70 on tomorrow. I mean I have been so consumed to the point of forgetting to prepare for my weekly blog publishing. (Please forgive me y'all, I love you all dearly and dare not to abandon my commitment to you all or my purpose and calling).

I am very close to many September babies and my Grandmother Queen is literally the Queen of all September babies (Her words and not mine). God placed in on my heart to celebrate her and spend a little time with her however, I struggled with the how and what to do being she lives in a place and condition that we as her family do not respect or can stomach well yet we love her enough to sacrifice and compromise our comforts to be present when we can and as much as we can. Then I have my precious and darling Journee who turned 9 years old on yesterday. She is my closest cousins's daughter but calls me Auntie and I love every bit and moment of bonding with her. She brings me so much joy and makes any heart smile with gladness. I also have my precious Micah whom is one of my closest friend's son (Melisha) and he just turned one. Micah is an angel on Earth that God gave us after Melisha lost her beloved Father a little over 2 years ago. And I absolutely dare not to fail to mention the upcoming birthday of one of my best and dearest friend and brother Sheldon who will be turning 32 on September 15th. Sheldon is my headache often but he is my soul brother and helps me pick up my heart after its been dropped or broken. I love him dearly and thank God for our beautiful friendship!

I celebrate each of my beloved September babies as well as every September baby out there! You are all worthy of celebrating and worthy of the honor of life! We all are. And while there are many things, people, and occasions to celebrate, don't forget to celebrate you!

Your life holds purpose to celebrate! Your life hold gifts and talents to celebrate! Your life holds passion and power to celebrate! Every day that you awake is an occasion to celebrate. You are an everyday success when you choose to walk in the pursuit of purpose and the righteousness of God. God is celebrating over you today! You should celebrate YOU too!

May our lessons be plenty and our journeys be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘