Breaking Generational Curses & Cycles

The term Curse has been used and heard throughout many centuries and its definition varies based upon the context of conversations and times. Webster’s dictionary number 1 definition of the term curse is said to be (1. the expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc. befall a person or group). Now having that definition and possible understanding of the term, how many of us feel like we are cursed or have been cursed?

We have heard several tales whether we’ve chosen to believe them or not regarding sorcery, witches, warlocks and other forms of dark evil and curses. But what of the Generational curses and cycles that plague our family lineage? Generational curses and cycles for us are not rooted in sorcery but rather in the principle and truth of our family heritage and ancestors choosing a way of life that is beneath the will and purpose of God and beneath our absolute potential.

For example, I would like to explore and expound upon some of my families generational curses and cycles. I.e. Poverty, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and child-bearing/upbringing. Though I may be scorned or demonized by members of my family for calling these curses and cycles out, I am at peace within my own rights and voice because my aim and goal is to break the curses and cycles from forward penetrating and scarring the lives of my children and all generations to come after me.

See the beauty and freedom in my soul and relationship with God is that He has given me the eyes, heart and ability to see, receive and process His will for my family’s life along with His will to free and prosper us beyond our curses and cycles. The weight and burden in Him entrusting me with this assignment is that I am only one and often feel like I am the only one desiring to break the chains and curses that have plagued my family for years.

My family lineage has been affected by the curse/cycle of Poverty in several ways but mostly financially and mentally. It happened by way of poor choices in handling money. I would like to believe that it may have began by doing whatever was necessary to get by and once we started getting by, we began to materialize our lives by wanting to possess more materials over possessing wisdom and wealth. This is how those poor decisions link to the mental load in digging deeper into poverty versus comprising a strategy to get out of debt and poverty and never having to return.

Many of my family members have also fallen into the curse/cycle of drug use and abuse. While I am not completely aware of why or what directly led them to that choice and way of life, I spiritually and psychologically sense that having an unhealthy mind leads one to try and escape life and its pressures by turning to something that either numbs them or comforts them and for many of my family members here is where the drug use and abuse started. Some of us even opened the door to sexual abuse from that one main starting point… The mind’s poor processing.

Sexual abuse is one of those curses/cycles that I found myself in several times and for years. In the beginning of my understanding and processing, I did not see how it fell into the categorization of a curse. All I know is that I kept repeating the cycle until I learned that there was a way out just as there was a way in. When I was in my cycle of sexual abuse, it was a place of expression and comfort for me. Because I did not grow up having a healthy relationship with either parent, it became my avenue of value and validation. Or atleast that is what my poor mind was telling me. Sexual abuse would have you to believe that you can find love and security there but I have learned that you cannot find love or security in sex. Sexual abuse would have you so caught up in chasing a sense of fulfillment that you end up learning that after the act has been completed and comes to a close, you are still empty and unfulfilled. Unfortunately, for myself and many of my family members who fell into this cycle, it took us having children and often by multiple partners to see that there seems to be a false reality and a misunderstanding as to how we are processing our pains and curiosity.

Now that we get to go deeper into the child-bearing and upbringing curse/cycle, when looking deeper, we get to visibly see the links of the chain and how one curse/cycle correlates and often run into another. Please don't get me wrong when I say that I absolutely love and honor my families so this is no way or form for me to condemn, judge or ridicule any of them. The mere principle and event that led me to write and publish this blog is because I am trying to change and strengthen the course and relations of my family and every family that I am attached and linked to. Just a few days ago, while in prayer and meditation with the Lord God, I was led to send out a group text to my relatives to do a welfare check on them. I asked if there was anyone needing anything whether that was prayer or essentials for themselves and their children. The next day, a cousin responded that we had a relative that was not in the group text that was at the hospital giving birth to her third child but had absolutely nothing for her child and couldn't even bring him home because she had no carseat. This broke my heart because I couldn't help but to first think to myself "I get that we don't always plan for a pregnancy or get pregnant on purpose. But we get 8 to 10 months to prepare for the birth of the child we are carrying. How does one have all this preparation time and not prepare to bring the baby home?" And then it hit me that this was a relative whom had only be exposed to poverty, drug abuse, sexual abuse and never had the parental upbringing that would prepare her for a better living. I began to think that if only she had someone who could mentor her even in the absence of her father who she may have never known and her mother who is strung out on drugs and whom has given birth to over 10 children yet was not able to parent and raise them all.

While the reality of my family's generational curses and cycles break my heart, I am beyond dedicated and determined to break the chains that are linking as well as to annihilate my demons and strongholds so that my children would never have to go through what I have. Breaking the chains to generational curses, cycles and strongholds must first start with God. Apart from Him, we can't overcome anything and we are ill-equipped without His guiding and blessings. Galatians 3:13 NLT says "But Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law. When he was hung on the cross, he took upon himself the curse for our wrongdoing. For it is written in the scriptures, "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree." This means that any of us who profess, proclaim and confess that we are believers and followers of Christ cannot be cursed because we are blessed. Glory to God and Hallelujah🙌 for the blood of Jesus overthrowing any curse and cycle that we could ever face.

As we learn better, I pray that we do better. In us doing better and ensuring that we don't stand stuck in our cycles but escape the cycle by breaking the chains that entangle us, we are allowing our children and others to witness their ability to overcome. We break the chains to be Free for ourselves but we break the generational curses and cycles to break the future generations free!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless 😘