Attention: Reality Check Needed

Many of us have watched and fed our eyes, ears and spirit with the entertainment of reality tv and other forms of negativity (music, gossip, etc) for years without noticing the transfer of our energy and minds. I personally, used to enjoy watching shows like The Housewives of Atlanta, The Housewives of Beverly Hills, The entire Love & Hip Hop franchise and more. I mean I was so entertained at the thought of being able to witness and understand the personal lives and behind the scene action of celebrities and their personal lives up until I started feeling disgusted at how many relationships, families and reputations were being destructively torn down. Much of this was done at the own vices of the celebrities themselves but much of the destruction and damages came from the Producers, Directors and Networks aiming to raise their ratings. And of course I am sure you've heard the phrase "Sex and drama sells"but the question that I have is "Does it have to?" Why can't we enjoy seeing others succeed, be positive, lead happy lives etc. and enjoy the witness of those publications and viewings?

I have seen so many raw and truthful shows be cancelled as well as see shows where people were leading happy and healthy lives come to a close because there just wasn't enough drama. Why do we see happiness and wholeness as something boring to watch? Why must we value witnessing people fight, cheat and deceive their partners, expose private and intimate parts of their bodies, have wild and immoral parties and events and more over witnessing people living a healthy truth?

We spend so much time, energy and money on witnessing and being apart of negativity that we fail to see how great negativity cost us. Having a close proximity to negativity can swiftly affect your mind, energy and attitude. Just try being in a room with someone who complains about most or everything and see how it makes you feel. It will drain and suck what energy you have especially if you are energy and spiritually sensitive.

With that being said, I think it is important that we learn to embrace and perform Reality Checks within the areas of our lives whether that be personal, professional, spiritual, familial, etc. Instead of allowing the reality or false realities of others to entertain you... Take some time to do a Reality Check on your life and consider the path you are traveling to see if it is aligning you for the fruition of the dreams and success that you desire. And also check in with those around and close to you to evaluate the stance and status of the relationship. If it doesn't serve you any good or helps you to grow, it may be time to part ways. I have learned well that all relationships are not eternal or life-long but serve as a seasonal connection or attachment. Therefore I do not try and carry weight that is meant to fall off of me into seasons and destinations that are not suitable or aligned with the journeys of myself and those I have had to cut ties with. We all have the capacity and ability to love people yet still not allow them the personal proximity into our sacred spaces. As I often like to say "What is not building me up is tearing me down and it has got to GO!"

It is time that we embrace and enjoy both witnessing and having healthy relationships with friends and family. It time that we normalize being positive and reject the sense, smell, spirit and sounds of all negativity. Negativity yields an ugly reality and a wide range of truths. Positivity will always yield truth with various perspectives but a beautiful you!

May our lessons be plenty and our journey's be joyous and beautiful!

God bless kisses 😘